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TWKB Chemicals is a black female owned organisation that operates in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

At TWKB Chemicals We supply reliable quality cleaning chemicals, consumables and cleaning equipment to organisations, cleaning distributors, entrepreneurs and in-house cleaning companies.

We grow our distribution footprint by supplying, supporting, nurturing and growing our identified partners throughout Africa. Furthermore, our eco-friendly product line enables our partners and the organisations we are servicing to be part of a global drive to save the environment.

We have decided to embark on a new journey in the form of IKETSETSE (Do it yourself). As a socially conscious organisation, empowerment is one of our chief cornerstones. IKETSETSE is a youth program designed to empower the youth of South Africa who are hungering and thirsting for success. If you fit the description above, then IKETSETSE is the program for you. Successful candidates who apply for the IKETSETSE youth program will have full access to funding, mentorship, training and networks for a full 12 months. Our goal is to ensure that we fully equip candidates with the necessary tools to run their own businesses and in turn create employment for the next person.

TWKB Chemicals as an organisation have also been a recipient of development and support from reputable organisations. It is for this reason that we continue to search for opportunities to partner with respectable organisation to empower those that are less fortunate.


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Our Environmental Policy

‘As a corporate citizen we owe it to ourselves to look after nature lest we find ourselves without trees, rivers and the ecosystem that sustains us. At TWKB Chemicals it is not negotiable to give back to nature and to look after our environment. Our purchasing practice supports those that also conserve nature and our production processes are sustainable and adhere to strict guidelines on carbo emissions.’ TWKB Leadership Commitment

We supply reliable quality cleaning chemicals to corporate organisations


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Unit 1 Grand Central Industrial Park
87 New Road
Halfway House, Midrand


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